Maison Flâneur

In modern times, obsessed by speed and the constant quest for new pieces, consisting of disposable fashion, Maison Flâneur invites us to slow down, reclaim certain values, restore importance to what really counts, to what is not burnt in a second. An item of clothing is not to be burnt but kept… just as people used to do. It is a question of style.
Maison Flâneur is a new project, a collection for men and women Made in Veneto but with an international appeal. Consisting of original cuts and proportions, soft and smoothly draping lines, important pieces and refined details.
The name Maison Flâneur takes its inspiration from the concept of “Flâneur” of the French poet Charles Baudelaire and is also found in the short story “The man of the crowd” by the American writer Edgar Allan Poe. The collection is effortlessly sophisticated and the quality of the Maison Flâneur pieces strongly reflects the personality of those who wear them. Never too sexy, never too classic. Never excessively in one direction, it plays with fleeting nuances. In just a few seasons, this project has succeeded in winning over the most important international buyers, starting from Japan and today showing strong growth in Europe, China and Korea.

Block Industrie

Maison Flâneur is made and distributed by Block Industrie, a company founded as a subcontractor in Rovolon, a small town in the Veneto region standing in the Natural Park of the Euganei Hills.
Block Industrie is a company based on the tradition of yarn and on fabric weaving, a small big family, which thanks to the help of expert and skilful hands can produce the pieces completely in-house: from the paper pattern to cutting to the final production.
Thanks to the professionalism of the personnel, Block Industrie can offer fully traditional processes related to cashmere yarns on manual looms the results of which are the pride of the company, like the seamless knitwear made by hand in the same way that knitwear was made in the early 20th century. Alongside the tradition of working yarn, there is the culture of outerwear which never grows old, like the manual skill of those who work with scissors, needle and thread the fine fabrics destined to become a product within reach of those who like things made as “in the good old days”. Special attention is paid to the environment and protection of the land and animals with the use of eco-sustainable materials, in particular eco-cashmere.

Made in Veneto, Italy, with pride