INTRODUCTION: The invitation to a lifestyle

In modern times, people is obsessed by speed and is in constant quest for new disposable clothes; Maison Flâneur invites us to slow down, to think to what really counts, to what is not burnt in a second; an item of clothing should not to be tossed away but kept, just as people used to do in simpler times. It is a question of style.

The name Maison Flâneur takes its inspiration from the concept of “Flâneur” of the French poet Charles Baudelaire, it means “loafer” and “wanderer”; the flâneur represents the ability to wander detached from society with no other purpose than to be an acute observer of society.

Maison Flâneur company is situated in a small town in the Veneto region standing in the Natural Park of the Euganei Hills; here MADE IN VENETO concept was born, it refers to the the professionalism of the personnel, it can perform fully traditional processes related yarn on manual looms, the result is the pride of the company: the handcrafted seamless knitwear, it is still made in the same way as in the early 20th century.

Alongside the tradition of working on the yarn, there is the culture of outerwear which never grows old: the manual skill of those who work with scissors, needle and thread; the nice fabrics destined to become the garments of the “good old days”.

Special attention is paid to the environment and protection of the land and animals with the use of eco-sustainable materials, in particular eco-cashmere.


Maison Flâneur is directed by Valeria Cremonese, she studied at the “Callegari Institute” of Fashion and Design in Venice, becoming a fashion designer and coordinator.
Valeria turns ideas and words into photos and pictures, she directs and controls the collection in its totality, from the ideas of the stylist to the realization of the finished samples, going through the selection of sophisticated materials inside the style office and in constant dialogue with tailoring department, with the purpose to research and choose the best develpment method for the construction of the garments and knitwear.
Valeria collaborated on many luxory brands within the companies McAdams and Block Industrie.


Maison Flâneur is a “Made in Veneto” brand for men and women but with an international appeal; the collection is defined “scruffy chic”, it is spontaneous, showing light and simplicity, characterized by unusual combinations; the quality of the pieces reflects the personality of those who wear them , consisting of: handcrafted knitwear, fabric clothes with refined details, original shapes and smooth lines; the most characteristic details of the brand are the seamless knitwear and the Short/Long edges.


Maison Flâneur is constantly offering an attractive alternative within medium-high brands: the high quality finishes, the Made in Italy label and the attention to detail.


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